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Welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy visiting my site! Below is my newest book. Are You Ok? Which deals with depression and how to talk to someone suffering with depression. I hope it will be a blessing to you!  Right now I have two books that I need to publish, Homeless But Not Hopeless and Daily Poems of Praise. Help me to raise funds to get these books published . Please donate to help me get these books published! To donate just click the donations  link above. Everyone that donates will receive a free signed  copy of one of the  books and will be mention in the books. God Bless. BREAKING NEWS!!! Homeless But Not Hopeless soon to be released! Click on web store at the top for more information! 









Are You Ok?

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In short words, Charles draws a picture of his own black cloud.  His poetry, once fluid and flowery, 
now is abrupt, direct and painful.  The commentary and directions he gives for those dealing with 
Depression for the first time... is also short, sweet and helpful. 
  I would encourage anyone experiencing crippling Depression for the first time, to get a copy of this book. 
- Kenneth J. Segal

The Private Hurts and Thoughts of the Homeless Poet

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This is a book that is charged with emotion and to help show that people with depression need to be treated just like anyone else. It also shows the feelings and the pains of depression. But it also has the promising hope that we can make it through.

Poems of Praise

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I wanted to share with people my ministry of poetry and my love of Christ. I give him all honor and praise .Where I’m at right now I would not be if it wasn’t for my savior. Please share this with everyone you know! I want this to be a blessing to everyone.

Encouraging Poems: For Veterans and their families

This book of poems is dedicated to all the veterans and their families that have given so much to keep us free. Also, in the back are reference pages of places for veterans and their families to find help and support. This is my way of saying thank you for all you have done for us. I SALUTE YOU! Order now ! Special price till Veterans day 8.00

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